The XSSed project was created in early February 2007 by KF and DP. It  provides information on all things related to cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and is the largest online archive of XSS vulnerable websites.

We started this project with the scope of increasing security and privacy on the web. Professional and amateur webmasters and web developers are notified about any cross-site scripting vulnerability affecting their online properties. The importance of securing their web applications is emphasized through the informational and educational content which we provide.

What we do is to simply validate all the submitted XSS vulnerable websites and then publish them on the archive. We actively assist all website owners to remediate the cross-site scripting issues by bringing them up to their attention on a timely manner. You will be helped by us for any problems you may face when trying to correct the XSS flaws. Please contact us.

The few things about us:

DP is 27 years old and enjoys the good life. He completed a bachelor of science in Information Technology in one go (to be respected by the "system") and his main interests include the most aspects of ICT security, home studio based electronic music production, all forms of intelligence, psychology, traveling and nightlife. He has also successfully performed many external and internal penetration tests for high-profile companies across numerous industries, sometimes as a freelancer and some other times as an employee for a large global corporation. Listens mainly to minimal/tech-house and experimental electronica music, but appreciates all music genres depending on the mood.

KF is 28 years old and enjoys the good life as well. He possesses a significant industry experience as a penetration tester and is an avid PHP programmer. His main interests include traveling and the most aspects of ICT security with more focus on secure web development and system administration. Listens to all music genres but prefers electronic music.
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