Centreon File Inclusion and Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities

Monday, 3 March 2008

Some vulnerabilities have been reported in Centreon, which can be exploited by malicious people to conduct cross-site scripting attacks or to disclose sensitive information.

1) Input passed to the "name" and "title" parameters in include/common/javascript/color_picker.php is not properly sanitised before being returned to the user. This can be exploited to execute arbitrary HTML and script code in a user's browser session in context of an affected site.

2) Input passed to the "lang" and "img" parameters in include/doc/get_image.php, and to the "page" parameter in include/doc/index.php, is not properly verified before being used to read files. This can be exploited to disclose the content of arbitrary files via directory traversal attacks.

The vulnerabilities are reported in version Prior versions may also be affected.

Update to version

Provided and/or discovered by:
1) Julien Cayssol
2) Julien Cayssol and Jose Luis Góngora Fernández

2008-03-03: Added the vulnerability affecting "include/doc/index.php". Updated credits, the "Solution" and the "Original Advisory" sections.

Original Advisory:

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