Security researcher 0rijin4l, has submitted on 08/09/2007 a cross-site-scripting (XSS) vulnerability affecting, which at the time of submission ranked 42 on the web according to Alexa.
We manually validated and published a mirror of this vulnerability on 08/09/2007. It is currently unfixed.
If you believe that this security issue has been corrected, please send us an e-mail.
Date submitted: 08/09/2007 Date published: 08/09/2007 Fixed? Mail us!Status:  UNFIXED
Author: 0rijin4l Domain: Category: XSS Pagerank: 42
POST: state=eJxNkEtPwzAMx9ut20zHYzvxKTjsCddKgISEuGw7V1HnjYo0fSTlddqA8blx3A714n%2FsxP%2F8bM%2BD+m%2Bv5bDoZj zwAaDuOM%2FBsbMGOYkdHaYHwS8d2It5JfJMaIRe23KF0mGuUGJlwI4UJpdCG%2B85UmayU+UPoNC1zDnkq9TGzxqUy8FiVd2MMX fMMPHNj8tGnDL1yORAGH5jdkEithyNO2DfIStYlTpR%2FU0nIx+ust3EN7e3QerxyWdT3iMkCZguj7RBTWbfxmlSSYKYeJXPNoZE nrn5WX8yR0XNfyxi4vDutgY1H58+%2Fg8V6BdcM1KXV%2BCOKhlXMqlkWsmskrnFtWbc7PdQbWWsn%2B1ODSYZrQcX5kOi38%2Bi q5hIC4WWFezV+Ji2SP63Gd5g%3D+& 9%3B%3C%2Fscript%3E
Click here to view the mirror
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