Persistent XSS bug discovered on eBay

Written by DP

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Security researcher "Side3ffects" has contacted us regarding a critical persistent XSS that he discovered on eBay:
"Once you login to your account on eBay, edit the option "About me".
Now go to :
Demo URL (My profile):
It is also vulnerable to redirection with the following XSS attack vector:
'"--><script>alert(/Xss2ro07 aKa Side3ffects)</script>
One of the possible exploitation scenarios is malicious people stealing cleartext credentials from registered users by injecting an iframe tag that retrieves another rogue eBay login page from a remote server.   
Other reported XSS bugs affecting eBay domains include (all still pending a fix):
eBay Giving Works, discovered by "d3v1l" from Security-Sh3ll:
Secure eBay's Law Enforcement eRequest System, discovered by "Nemessis":
eBay Italy Ads, another one discovered by "d3v1l":
eBay has been XSSed many times in the past.
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