Advertisements is again mistakenly listed as a phishing website

Written by DP and KF

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Update 15/11/2007: Mirrors now work! ;-)

You have probably noticed that the mirrors of all archived XSS vulnerable websites do not show up. This is due to some people who submitted and validated the domain to online anti-phishing services. Validation comes from researching something and managing to possess proofs that is accurate and adequate. It will be very boring for us if every time a new anti-phishing service comes up, marks our site as phishing and blocks our domain.

To be more specific, we have received abuse reports from PayPal, EBay and the French CERT, warning us that is hosting a PayPal phishing page.

My skeptical thought wonders why high-profiled web companies may have submitted on purpose to anti-phishing services in order to deny the undeniable fact that their online properties are vulnerable to cross-site scripting.

Funny thing that we are blacklisted on Symantec's because someone submitted a PayPal XSS mirror as a phishing site. Symantec is still vulnerable to few XSS flaws, mirrors can be viewed here:

and too:

These vulns can be used for phishing as well. The only difference is that is never going to get a status clientHold. Malicious phishers can still use the Symantec's XSS vulnerabilities to spread malware and steal personal sensitive information. Why did they choose to validate a mirror of a corrected PayPal XSS as a phishing site and give us the status clientHold? They should have the clientHold status for leaving an open door to the exploitation of their faithful customer's security and privacy.

The first time this incident occurred, Netcraft's response was very quick and they even helped us resolve the issue - like this time. We have not yet received any answer from Symantec's

We hope that this issue will be resolved as soon as possible, although this time it may take a bit longer than last time:

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