New HSBC and Barclays bank XSS and open redirect bugs

Written by DP

Friday, 29 May 2009

*UPDATED 03/06/2009* - A fresh batch of critical cross-site scripting and open redirect vulnerabilities was added today to the archive. The following independent security researchers are credited with the discovery: PaPPy, Airrox, Xylitol, WwW.TRLink.NET, TurkPoweR, Skyr3x, Pierre GardenatAgd_Scorp, Mystick and Hexspirit.

Malicious people can exploit these bugs to conduct phishing attacks and infect bank customers and site visitors with crimeware.

HSBC: XSS * XSS * XSS * XSS * XSS * Open frame redirect * XSS * XSS Open redirect XSS XSS XSS XSS XSS XSS XSS

BARCLAYS: XSS * XSS * XSS * XSS XSS Open redirect


HSBC and Barclays bank have been XSSed in the past.

We hope that they resolve these issues as soon as possible.

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